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Independent Audits

An objective evaluation of your risk management practices, helping identify areas of improvement and ensure your framework is effective, compliant and aligns with your objectives.

We offer Risk Management independent audits to provide you with an objective assessment of your risk management practices against ISO 31000 or other risk management standards. Our audits can be conducted remotely or in person and can be:

  • Internal audits - on behalf of the organisation, or

  • Second-party audits - on behalf of one of your customers or suppliers, or   

  • Third-party audits - as an accredited compliance audit. 

We can provide either:

  • verification of compliance certificate through our JAS-ANZ accreditation, which formally confirms your risk management practices comply with the requirements of the ISO 31000 standard, or

  • a letter of compliance through our Exemplar Global licensed Auditora, a more informal review to confirm your risk management practices comply with the requirements of either the ISO 31000 standard, COSO standard or Victorian Government Risk Management Framework (VGRMF).

Our team of certified risk management professionals has extensive experience in conducting risk management audits across a wide range of industries. Our friendly and practical audits identify gaps in their risk management framework, improve their risk management capabilities, and demonstrate their commitment to risk management best practices.

Our audit process is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation's risk management framework, including risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring.
Our audit reports include practical recommendations for improving risk management practices and enhancing organisational resilience. 

We work closely with our clients throughout the audit process to ensure that they understand the audit findings and recommendations, and to help them implement any necessary changes to their risk management framework.

Our team of risk experts provide services that help develop the risk capabilities of your business.

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