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Templates and Solutions

Customisable templates and integrated solutions capture the connections between your strategic and risk reporting in a practical, simple and seamless manner.

Our risk management templates and resources offer flexible and customisable options.

We have readymade solutions in:

  • Excel and Word - Simple templates any business can pick up and start using today, and

  • SharePoint - Smart cloud solutions with built-in workflows and dashboard reporting

We also have the skills to develop tailored solutions to integrate within your existing platforms such as, Trello, Lucidity, PowerBI, Airtable, Paradigm, Trim, Pulse and many more. 

All of our solutions are designed to capture the connection between your strategic objectives, assurance measures, risk registers, control effectiveness, and risk reporting, ensuring that your risk management system is integrated and seamless.

Our solutions are designed to save your team time and energy, by automating and streamlining key risk management processes and producing accurate, real-time reporting. With our solutions, you can improve visibility into key risk management metrics and KPIs, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Our team of experienced risk management professionals can work with you to tailor a risk solution that meets the specific needs of your organisation, helping you to best achieve your risk management goals and objectives within your available resources and constraints. We pride ourselves on building solutions that are scalable and adaptable, meaning that they can grow and evolve alongside your organization, providing ongoing value and support. 

By implementing a risk management system solution from our team, you can enhance your risk management capabilities, reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events, and increase stakeholder confidence in your organization's ability to manage risk effectively.

Our team of risk experts provide services that help develop the risk capabilities of your business.

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