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Board Governance Evaluations

An objective assessment of the performance of your Governance practices and Board performance. Designed to identify levels of compliance, effectiveness and improvements.

Our team of experienced board governance professionals has extensive experience in conducting board evaluations across a wide range of industries.Our evaluation process is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the board's performance in areas such as strategy development, risk management, governance processes, and board composition.

We tailor each evaluation process to meet the specific needs of our clients, including the use of surveys, interviews, and benchmarking against industry best practices. Our evaluation reports include practical recommendations for improving board effectiveness and enhancing organisational governance. We provide a culturally and psychologically safe environment to tease out nuanced insights on potential areas of strength and weakness. 

We work closely with your board chair to develop an implementation plan for any recommended changes, ensuring that the board is able to effectively address any identified areas of weakness or improvement. Our evaluations often include confidential surveys and one-on-one interviews with each board member, to gain a comprehensive understanding of board dynamics and performance. 

Evaluation scopes include governance practices, board effectiveness, and opportunities to enhance stakeholder confidence in the organisation. We work closely with our clients throughout the evaluation process to ensure that they understand the evaluation findings and recommendations, and to help them implement any necessary changes to their board governance practices.

Our team of risk experts provide services that help develop the risk capabilities of your business.

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