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Now offering Internal Auditor Training

We are excited to announce that we are running internal auditor training!

> Do you want to understand ISO 9001 better?

> Would you like to be able to conduct yoru own internal auditing?

> Do you want to become an external auditor?

Then this is the course for you!

We are offering the following components offered over 10, 1-2 hour sessions.

Each session can be done online or in person, to meet your needs.

Sign up on your own or get a group of your coworkers to do it with you!

1) Background / ISO Context

2) Understanding the ISO 9001 Standard

3) How to prepare an Audit Schedule and Audit Plan,

4) How to conduct and entry meeting

5) How to conduct an Audit and gather information

6) How to manage an Audit team

7) How to report Audit Findings and write an Audit Report

8) How to conduct an exit meeting

9) NCR process

10) Audit Team continual improvement

Call now on 0417 861 066 to book your spot.

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